26 April 2015

Postcard 23

My week in omens:

  • Handle broke off car door in my hand
  • The following podcasts played consecutively -
    • phenomenology of Hegel
    • Being and Identity in 'Fight Club" and "the Game"
    • Radiolab "In the Dust of This Planety
    • Star Trek episode "Spectre of the Gun" discussion
    • Descartes meditations: What can we know?
    • Marc Maron interviews Ru Paul, discusses identity and being
      } All of these have to do with 
unknowableness and the meaningless 
of existence (or our perception of it) 
and what to do about it
  • At drawing night, I was practicing hand drawing and inadvertently drew the Sistine Chapel's hand of God
  • My horoscope this week first apologized to me then predicted: "Deep sexy darkness and sexy brilliance are conspiring to bring you intriguing pleasures that will educate the naive part of your soul"

In an unknowing way, I can perceive the intent of these omens, these markers. They are first , a verification of all that I believe through experience and induction. They are second, a challenge that I have been preparing for. They are third, a  promise that the thing or experience I think I will lose is actually a poor copy of what I could gain. When meaning is stripped and abandoned, then meaning becomes solely my responsibility and I'll only know it through living.

1 comment:

  1. My dark sexy offering run dull. I took the indigo ink and turned it into my well. Burned, and spurned it there in my womb. The faded image of me turned to a blank page in which to write a guide to life upon. I give myself unto the life you inspire upon. I give myself and my loins unto you. Unto her.