18 September 2015

Postcard 38

Have we ever been at peace? Have I? The spinning world would spin us off into the shrugging of space. Maybe at peace, we get sucked into a star. At peace a glow worm elysium. At peace the cicadas' rotting clock. At peace a loose nail in a board. At peace no longer waging. Can that even be? If we are to go on we must go on as action. There is no word that holds more action than 'wage'. We wage wars, the most magnificent worldwide affront to the created. We wage and wage. Dams are built, channels cut, bricks and asphault laid, matter stacked higher and higher, we thrust out and into. I'm sick of action men, the great ones, the doers. Men who must know an answer -- the gauge of a pipe, the speed, the right screw. The value of a thing. Men who step upon and pride themselves at being stepped on. Can a man do nothing but wage? Build and destroy? What about life, the created? Man can be nothing but barely superfluous, hunting and fighting, waging because of his disposability. Who can do the opposite of wage? Not dead peace,  Who can do creation and annihilation?

What is more incongruous than a woman with a gun?

16 September 2015

Postcard 37

I Must Decline the Invitation I Will Not Receive (Country song)

Well, its true I know the groom
But I used to know the bride
I can't feel his fists no more
But I'll always feel her sighs

To be a man's a solid thing
Two quiet paddles in the sea
I for him and him for me
Always, but for once, we took each other's side

He was my best friend, I knew the groom
But just that once, I knew the bride
A man don't change. Still, I know his voice, his smell and his broad figure
But a woman, well I hear you never can swim within the same river

It was the wine. No, that's a lie
It was the darkness always there
A wild dark moon, dark stars, wild eyes, wild flesh, wild hair
Sometimes you must destroy a thing, or at the least, you try

Yes, I still know the groom
But I truly knew the bride
No bride deserves a whiter dress
No groom should have more pride

There'll be no seat for me, no toast
I'll drink at home to their celebration
But I've sent one gift, no box or card, but just an invocation
That they'll have an absence never filled
                              -- I've given them a ghost

15 September 2015

Postcard 36

Oh woman -- into the world through you; your legs the masticating swallowing mouth of the world. And it hurt and bruised that little death, but your lips embraced each inch of me. The stargate, the eternal return, the cant never go home again. I spent all life trying for that again and again, can't I just crawl inside? Masticating legs, stretched hips like an ash white bow. Stretched hips like mountains pushed up in mantled eons. Melted stone, warm magma. A little death and a clean bright world. A bright cry out. Its no wonder you moan, its no mystery. Its no wonder I cry out. Its nothing but mystery, new! Hold my head in the cusp of the new world, hold me supine upon your dark breasts and morphine mother's milk for the too much new world. Nepenthe nipple, a tender but violent lotus flower taste. A  new fissure ever unfillable. Oh woman. Woman when I gaze, it is all because of you. Oh woman, how did you feed my navel? Glory Glory Glory, every pain is birthed from you. The new world, the bright new world, is from you. The desire is from you. The end the end is for you.  When I finally return will your legs embrace me, will you crush me again between your hips, will I swim within you again and cry out through my navel? and will there be a new bright world to wound us?

13 September 2015

Postcard 35

I work best
a) 15 percent
b) more than 15 percent
c) Man, be real. Be real
d) when I'm juggling several projects at once
e)under close supervision. Despots.

After a client hires me and we agree on a deadline, I
a) Hey, look what came outta my pen!
b) You cannot be fucking serious. Fuck with the bull, get the horns
c) You're pretty much messing with me and
     I'm convinced its not your intention but you confuse me.
     I'm trying so hard
d) copy anything; this stems from the idea of not copying,
     but actually using the elements as your design

My last big mistake was
a) men would rather have their fill of sleep, love
    and singing and dancing than of war
b & c) Is so dated and in our qualified opinion may have been executed
     at about this date
d) made because I had too much on my mind
e) I believe that I'm viewed as very expendable and the large agencies
    are interested only in keeping more profits

My office and/or drawing table looks like
a) nature provides
b) a layout for architectural digest
c) llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll
d) just total bullshit
e) ?

My Motto is
a) the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on
b) can't get under it. so wide, can't get around it; you must come in
    at the door of earth: nobody wants you when you're down and out!
    ...of mamie's sins and sorrows: if you can't give a dollar, give me
    a lousy dime. I wanna feed that hungry man of mine.
c) pressure and chaos are midwives of creativity
d) in short, this is just capitalism at work. Supply and demand.
e) What you do will never be good enough

Please fill out and return

Postcard 34

"There is a human heart on the beach!" The california sea hare is the largest known gastropod. It lives in shallow salt water. It is herbivorous and takes on the hue of whatever it eats. It has an organ that produces a poison that makes it inedible to al but the most voracious of predators, the starfish anemone, which will just eat around the offending parts. When frightened, startled or unexpectedly stimulated, the sea hare emits a pungent purple dye. It is unlikely the sea hare experiences fear; it has only a rudimentary nervous system. The sea hares that I see are all red and dying. They live in the eel grass beds and wash up on our gentle beach. They can be the size of a dinner plate, but most are the size of a fist, or a heart. They are washing up en masse, a dozen or more with each tide. Are they dying because of global warming, pollution, ocean acidification...? Quite the contrary. They are dying because they have over-succeeded. As I stated, they are the size of a human heart, the hue and texture of a heart as well. Before they expire they respirate gently and rhythmically. The human heart also lives in shallow salt water. The human heart is also incapable of fear and responds instinctually. On the beach the sea hares eventually die and putrefy -- food for the flies until the tide takes them back out. Alive and in the water, the sea hare un-chambers itself and can swim, translucent and graceful, rippling and beautiful. Swimming freely, they resemble nothing so much as the human female sex organ, the labia. The labia, too, is connected to tidal rhythms and cannot experience fear. No one has yet complained of disembodies labias in the water.

Off postcard note: The california sea hare is hermaphroditic, and participates in sexual congress as both male and female at once, forming sex chains of up to twenty animals, lasting for hours or even days, even though the mechanics take only a few minutes.