16 September 2015

Postcard 37

I Must Decline the Invitation I Will Not Receive (Country song)

Well, its true I know the groom
But I used to know the bride
I can't feel his fists no more
But I'll always feel her sighs

To be a man's a solid thing
Two quiet paddles in the sea
I for him and him for me
Always, but for once, we took each other's side

He was my best friend, I knew the groom
But just that once, I knew the bride
A man don't change. Still, I know his voice, his smell and his broad figure
But a woman, well I hear you never can swim within the same river

It was the wine. No, that's a lie
It was the darkness always there
A wild dark moon, dark stars, wild eyes, wild flesh, wild hair
Sometimes you must destroy a thing, or at the least, you try

Yes, I still know the groom
But I truly knew the bride
No bride deserves a whiter dress
No groom should have more pride

There'll be no seat for me, no toast
I'll drink at home to their celebration
But I've sent one gift, no box or card, but just an invocation
That they'll have an absence never filled
                              -- I've given them a ghost

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