13 September 2015

Postcard 35

I work best
a) 15 percent
b) more than 15 percent
c) Man, be real. Be real
d) when I'm juggling several projects at once
e)under close supervision. Despots.

After a client hires me and we agree on a deadline, I
a) Hey, look what came outta my pen!
b) You cannot be fucking serious. Fuck with the bull, get the horns
c) You're pretty much messing with me and
     I'm convinced its not your intention but you confuse me.
     I'm trying so hard
d) copy anything; this stems from the idea of not copying,
     but actually using the elements as your design

My last big mistake was
a) men would rather have their fill of sleep, love
    and singing and dancing than of war
b & c) Is so dated and in our qualified opinion may have been executed
     at about this date
d) made because I had too much on my mind
e) I believe that I'm viewed as very expendable and the large agencies
    are interested only in keeping more profits

My office and/or drawing table looks like
a) nature provides
b) a layout for architectural digest
c) llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll
d) just total bullshit
e) ?

My Motto is
a) the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on
b) can't get under it. so wide, can't get around it; you must come in
    at the door of earth: nobody wants you when you're down and out!
    ...of mamie's sins and sorrows: if you can't give a dollar, give me
    a lousy dime. I wanna feed that hungry man of mine.
c) pressure and chaos are midwives of creativity
d) in short, this is just capitalism at work. Supply and demand.
e) What you do will never be good enough

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