15 September 2015

Postcard 36

Oh woman -- into the world through you; your legs the masticating swallowing mouth of the world. And it hurt and bruised that little death, but your lips embraced each inch of me. The stargate, the eternal return, the cant never go home again. I spent all life trying for that again and again, can't I just crawl inside? Masticating legs, stretched hips like an ash white bow. Stretched hips like mountains pushed up in mantled eons. Melted stone, warm magma. A little death and a clean bright world. A bright cry out. Its no wonder you moan, its no mystery. Its no wonder I cry out. Its nothing but mystery, new! Hold my head in the cusp of the new world, hold me supine upon your dark breasts and morphine mother's milk for the too much new world. Nepenthe nipple, a tender but violent lotus flower taste. A  new fissure ever unfillable. Oh woman. Woman when I gaze, it is all because of you. Oh woman, how did you feed my navel? Glory Glory Glory, every pain is birthed from you. The new world, the bright new world, is from you. The desire is from you. The end the end is for you.  When I finally return will your legs embrace me, will you crush me again between your hips, will I swim within you again and cry out through my navel? and will there be a new bright world to wound us?

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