25 August 2022

Postcard 192

This being walking barefoot on asphalt to spare river-logged shoes, to feel
crime rise up heat. That much closer to annihilate, devastate, words that chop 

Earth marked soles that coil a simple stretched plane to rolls
to body warmth to dim light to must to just beyond sight

Possession: to own is fuel to anger from which hate is to heat. You know
this being with cracked blackened feet. And

This being, this other one, lies with short toes spread then curled
grabs - kicks down the clean sheet. Where is truth?

This beings with feets too wrapped in bunches folds to see what then?
when these two beings meet, congress, seek truth, stain the sheets

Postcard 191

We sat and
then we stand
footfall footfall
climb hand over hand
legs strong as sheep
hot sun south side
shale slide stone sharp
shear face ever steep

skidee skidee
whistle songs
wind scream short
breath blister knee
there goes and there
goes and another fall free
precipice precipice
stone fall stone fall
all is gravity gravid pull is all
leg up leg up foot down foot
down knees buckle
like ice crack-weak
as water melt snow pack
collapse ice in schist
lithic split
carapice carapice
snow crash avalanche
stress and split buckle
break through mountain feet
chasm canyon stream unend
valley carve valley make
valley carve valley make
the ache the ache
too high breath
too high the ache