13 April 2015

Postcard 16

Eagle or Sun: How to be a god -- guidelines or parameter
* Hold paradox in both hands tightly *
* Where do you live? Comfortable? *
* Determine what frightens you about yourself. Is it destructive or creative? Is that a trick question? *
*  Are you a trickster? *
* Shoes soled with obsidian -- you walk on razor's edge * 
* The Wilderness Maker: the maker of his own wilderness; the maker of his own mountains; a singer for all existence *
* On what do you subsist -- wailing of mourners? unleavened fruits? virgins? menstrual blood spilt in ecstasy? teeth on shoulders? divination of birds? *
* If someone asks if you're a god, say yes *
* The Totem creep; the owl over the sun; wear a mask, do anything you want to *
* Wrap yourself in bright perpetuity *
* It does not matter if you are angelic or demonic. Claim one anyway *
* Be unchanging in nature.  Be mercurial in action.  Be omnipotent in appearance *
* Be inescapably fated by your nature *
* Run through the desert of night -- arms out and grabbing -- lacerations are the letters of your new language. Whatever you grab is your medicine *
* Stare unflinching into the eyes of beasts and men * T
* Turquoise daughter; she has so much to reveal; she is always concerned that your heart is not open enough; this is your only judgement of yourself *
* Do you drink water or do you dry it up? *
* All gods drink wine *
* With one hand you are immortal -- wear a ring of fire or light *
* With one hand you are death. Here are some ideas: forgetting all, spear in the side, torn apart in seasonal orgy, turned to salt, lost at sea *
* Remember, immortality has proven boring *
* Surely this way lies madness, as does the other and any other *
* No matter the case, there is a devil with whom you will have to recon *
* Revel in dark and unknown, but don't get comfortable *

(italics are from a draw of divination cards by Obi Kaufman.com)

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