20 April 2015

Postcard 20

Hey human being, ever striving, ever dissatisfied, ever desiring! 
Its time to ignore the condemnation and judgement. Eons ago your bundle of proteins and acids pushed a lens into space and looked out, groped through the pull of chemical discomfort and wrapped themselves in a suit of life and moved restless and free, but burdensomely in a new world. Were did it come from? No one knows -- space perhaps. And somewhere in the pattern that governs it, it has a homeward beacon -- always seeking origin and outward. When your mouth runs copper and your legs rustle like dry leaves -- that is what it is. When you stare at a new day like a blank sheet, a new canvas, knowing that the promise is there but unable to will it, to harness it -- that is your holy birthright. You are alive and in your strugglings and discomforts you are a vanguard of life. All those comfortable beings in their chairs and clean conscience so flawless -- they are a dead end. They are like sharks, long perfected never changing. You though, self doubting worrying creating destroying, you are the hiding stressed marsupial, absorbing your offspring until you create something new -- gestation. You are the fish heading toward the tree -- defining the word plodding. You are the mouse-like primate on the grasslands. You are the virus and the cell.

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