09 April 2015

Postcard 12

World, I give up world / I don't want to read you anymore / I give up / Take my hands from me / and empty them of effort / World take my hands / shake them out and hang them up / World let them empty / World you've got it all / its just too much World / pincushion babies, rattletrap old men / woman hollow incidentals to perpetual violence / World? I give up hear me / an elephant does not care world / a whale a frog all the birds all the fish / forever going they do not mind / crack it and spill it finally / World mind that it is clear / of every day and meaning, every motion it can direct / here World is my white flag of truce / I'm only here to make terms -- desperate terms / I petition you world be merciless/take my last strivings and my cares / take this me I trundle / that hurts where others hurt / take me World and do as you do / take no prisoners, wash me and beat me dry upon a rock / dry me world so 'I' am only 'it' / and even that I surrender

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