02 March 2009

Why I'm here.

Everyone else is here, right?
Well I know a good tool when I see one.

A rejected title to my blog was "discipline thyself". When I met 'T', I was in a deep period of self contemplation. On a cork-board in my otherwise spartan bedroom I had that as a personal mantra. Maybe the mantra itself is a little spartan, but it certainly has its applications.
This blogging tool I hope to apply to the task of disciplining myself to input something of substance everyday. Maybe in this way I can finesse
out of myself a certain level of skill at and a comfort in writing. One day I may write something of some worth.

Of course another mantra in my life has been everything in moderation[including moderation].
I am christening this blog with my first drink in a month(albeit the shortest month), whiskey and ice. happy trail!

...we shall see.

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