02 March 2009

Second verse, same as the third

This blog has already caused a bit of a scandal around here. I'm not sure why but in the spirit of this fine nation, I am willing to capitalize on it. I'm waiting for publishers to come running, or maybe Oprah.

Today we had a play-date with G's friend P. I was thinking about the otherworldly feeling I have of being judged by teachers and other parents. Maybe it is because I am divorced and have the experience of actually having my parenting come under Judgement. I am not used to operating as if the presumptions of other people actually mean much to me; I have always had a fair amount of that for myself, let alone the hard measure from religion (I will get to that later in depth, hopefully). Maybe it also stems from being at least a decade and social class under the other parents I encounter. It is worth thinking about and I would recon for myself worth correcting. The difficulty of that is that I am bound through not necessarily friendly, and certainly not representative, tendrils to my childrens' mother.

Ho hum - tonight's game night, so off I go. Game night here every other monday night. a forced sociallizing that is probably good for me.

Signing off

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