09 March 2009

I lied

Some would say you have lied if you say you will do something and then do not, if action does not follow intent...
I said I would write every day and I certainly have not. I did not lie, but I certainly showed temerity in proclaiming that goal in the face of my past. A lie is an action that needs intent itself. I merely showed weakness in character. However, I will not be so discouraged.

I have had a fine weekend - played scrabble Saturday evening, slept in Sunday, woke up and read the comics with coffee. Then had some face time with friend 'J' tea and toast and masted boats. Went and saw "the Wrestler" with my lady at the el Cerrito speakeasy (nicer than the Oakland one). I really enjoyed the film, not so much for standout qualities, but for its normalcy. A simple story with fleshy characters living out the subtle arc of a story in part of their lives. I appreciate that the film suggests so much but is not a morality tale, like a well written story in short form. You should see it.

I received news this evening that two of the clients at my work got into an altercation and have been discharged. That these particular clients did this is not a surprise, though they might not have done it with each other. As a staff member it is also an experience worth being anecdotal, amongst other staff at least, and somewhat comical. However, it is hard and good to remember that now two people have lost their best option, at least for a while. Of course they are experiencing their situation as a result of their own actions, but who is not. That does not preclude compassion. It is good to remember that the ones who have it least of all, who are confused and frustrated by the world around them more that I could imagine are the ones in greatest need. My job will be easier and safer with these two particular clients gone. My job will be less effective with these clients gone. The ones who are most difficult are the ones most in need.

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