05 March 2009

Have you seen Lawrence of Arabia?

I netflixed it, feeling there was a very specific reason I needed to watch it. I have seen it before and some recollection of emotion or feeling was asking to be re-felt. I came home and my room-mates were halfway through it.
This is not much of anything today. It is two in the morning and I cannot assemble my scrambled thoughts on the day. I have been sleeping more than usual and dreaming all the while. Maybe that will help. Good luck out there world and good luck future Me.

1 comment:

  1. Finished lawrence of Arabia, by myself as I think I had intended to. I remember the film as an adventure romp of the flip british quiality - Battle of Britain for instance. Though that certainly is there, this time I experienced the film as an elaborate character study about a very remarkable and singular person who is not necessarily likable or respectable. I am glad I went back to it.