23 March 2015

postcard 2


Outside of our universe (or all universes) there is no space and no time. The beings who reside there might more properly be called a being because, there being no space-time, there is no actual dimension of the many facets of being there. The facets are a lower level of infinite but can be more or less depending on how they are expressed. All of this is described approximately as their's is an existence both infinitely more expansive and infinitely more limited than our own. It is tempting to declare these/this being as God/s but as you will see, that would not be quite right. In much the same way that we create money and economies and these creations run intrinsic to us but also external, we -- our universe -- has been created (with others, it seems likely) and operates on rules specific to it but independent of its external "creators" as a complex system. Why would these/this being go to all the trouble? Boredom of course. Eternity and nothingness and onenessness are incredibly dull. Theoreticians have declared that all of this space-time universe is probably a simulation and they re - in their own unimaginative way - correct. A space-time universe, that is, a set of rules, has been established within the non-space-time and then the being/beings have entered it as players - various forms of organized bits of energy according to the rules. A stone, a mote of dust, a star, a fern, a spore, a bird, a tree, people, you and I, are al nodes of the eternal -- the divine -- pushed into this "simulation" be the this/these beings like fingers in a a game by a single and an infinitely many beings over all time and all at once. When a thing is attracted to another, it is the same node overlapping in space-time, because -- why not -- Its all for the eternal to experience the transient.

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