31 March 2015

Postcard 10

Do not love a cowboy/he will shoot you/he carries peacemakers//Do not love a whale/it will swallow you whales dive deep//Do not love a musician/she will leave you/musicians have wheels on their guitars//Do not love a bear/it will bury you/bears have scimitar claws//Do not love a model/he will stand too still/models never stand still//Do not love a peach, an apple, an orange, even an avocado/it will grow thick-skinned/all fruit is a stand of trees within//Do not love a light-house keeper/she will stand her ground against the sea/lighthouse keepers must tend their mirrors//Do not love a fox/he will make you chase him/foxes are, each, a day of sunlight//Do not love a bricklayer/he will close you in/bricklayers have plenty of lime and mortar//Do not love a goldfish/she will die/goldfish are like tin coins//Do not love a poet he will immortalize you/poets carry only pens and pencils//Do not love a tiffany lamp/it is always broken/tiffany lamps see nothing whole//Do not love a pack of wolves/when it is cold they will turn on you/a pack of wolves is always stronger//Do not love a warrior/he will penetrate you/warriors have blood on their hands//Do not love a hummingbird/it will win/hummingbirds are much too fast//Do not love a motorcycle/it will buck you off motorcycles are fire-breathing horses//Do not love a horse/it will kick you in the head/every horse hates fences//Do not love a unicorn/it will disappoint you/unicorns exist only where they do not//Do not love a child/he must watch you die/children are more like fruit than anything//Do not love a man or a woman/a man or a woman will possess and hurt you/they are only human

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