23 April 2019

Postcard 165

Catastrophic -- the floor is always there

Inevitable -- the pull that pulls that pulls the pull

Abrupt -- hard stop

Shatter -- crack crunch crash bash smash

Fragmentation -- each shrapnel piece explodes away forlorn

Scatter -- light catchers all caught and rainbow cut

Diminished --  name is lost in splinters formless, silent

Diasporic -- swept into piles,
in the corner,
under the filthy stove,
cutting into bare feet
Bits of you in LA,
bits of you in NYC,
bits -- somehow -- in Budapest,
bits of you clear at sea,
bits of your underground.
A sliver, red-skin-held, in me

Irrevocable -- assemble with strong adhesive, a new named thing

Constant -- floor

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