23 April 2019

Postcard 164

Do you know your given name, 
can you spell it?
Can you pronounce it, 
give it utterance?
What are you called -
- more names than one
Can you hold them all (at once)?

In the naked silence 
and in the open vowels 
you hold a mighty secret
A secret is a power 
like a charged bomb
Hold the percussion in your chest -
- lungs vacuum burst
shock-waves through your throat
expanding -- a glotal mass

Your bright tongue and soft teeth
consonate like shrapnel
Your name a suspense and then
a crack -- arrival

How does it impact and settle?
That vulnerable moment,
eyes rolling about searching
a bit of spittle at the corners
of your working/resting mouth

What ears bend to your names?
what eyes close to implication?
what hearts beat with memory and promise?

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