29 August 2018

Postcard 138

Thank you for the sweet oil of your fingers - anointing grace
Thank you for the gentle bite of your eyes - communion
And the quiet drinking in. The quiet drinking in
Thank your for the wiggle and squirm of conscience 
Is it ok is it ok - penance, reconciliation
Thank you for the held breath, 
The slight flow of blood and sweet chemicals - blessed blessed baptism
Thank you for closing warm hands, closing soft eyes
Closing sighing sighing mouth - initiate
Thank you for learning these words
For recalling me to yourself when I put them down - ordination
Thank you for the warmth of chaos put to order, of energy gathered and held
Of substance made relational, of warm bodied being holding true
Thank you for moving desperate through time to me in wild relation - wedlock
Thank you for holding this note, reading it in consideration, remembering me fondly
For finding meaning, for trying it though us, for being a being that can
Thank you for setting it down, for going on and away,
For packing up, for forgetting. A little entropy, a little death.

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