22 March 2024

Lost Post: Postcard Collective Winter 2019 series, "Practice Makes...."

 The following four posts are a compilation of my submissions to the Postcard Collective Winter exchange of 2019. For whatever reason, my cards were not included in the final Archive. I have submitted to the upcoming 2024 Winter exchange. In doing so, I have unearthed and revisited my previous submissions

The theme was "Practice makes..."

I went ahead with my usual practice of following the nonlinear suggestions of fate and coincidence. I found two books in the dumpster at the park where I am a ranger. You may recall that up to that point, "the 2018 wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season in California history. It was also the largest on record at the time, now third after the 2020 and 2021 California wildfire seasons."

I do not recall the titles of the books. One was a large format photo book of the arctic and antarctic that had been given as a gift to a parting antarctic researcher by their fellows. The second was a semi-utopian compilation from the seventies of thoughts on the Anthropocene and its place in the larger natural world with a kind of Buckminster Fuller/Carl Sagan vibe despairing ecological hopefulness

With global ecology and mankind's filthy hands in its bushel of slow murders, I cut and glued some 30 or so collage postcards, with the perspective subheading of "At The Far Edges"

How does that comport with "Practice Makes..."?
Well, the implication is "...perfect" which is a generalization that broadly accepts it's own platitudinous broad stroke, but as applied to the human project is farcical.

Read together as a lyric conversation between a human representative and a collating machine of some technological innovation, we have compassion for this monster species driven toward a progressive destruction by its own naturally driven adaptations. Perhaps there is a chance of positive mutation on a second round. After all, practice makes perfect.

None of the words are my own, all are collage

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