26 May 2023

Postcard 206

Can I Borrow a Nickel? 

The one who summons is
calling in or reaching out -- a focus
on a thing, a need to fill

One must sing or
at least incant -- a single soul
tonguing the ineffable

If you do not make
sacrifices, they will be taken
from you. One cannot cheat

Time, that great succor of
pain -- shucking life to the kernel
diminished of inessential 

Then redemption of
five cents -- pennies stacked uneven
on two quiet eyes liberated

Of light. Speak cost of
seed -- a penny each. The sudden
spell of summoning is

That last bit of 
blood-born copper -- receiving
every spoke of mystery

The one who does the summoning is
confounded of any single thing -- predicting
is it to bring into being

The fullness of
what must be done, becoming
no need to change

A thing

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