22 September 2019

Postcard 178

For I was hungry and you did not feed me
We came to you with bellies round and empty as a leeward sail
We could have shared with you the glowing knowledge scribed
in darkness upon the thin tissue of the other side

There, hunger 's gnaw recedes like bluing flame
There, we stand and sway like sliver-printed phantoms
There, our true natures depart our forms and given names
There, we are still living witness at the court where death presides

For we were hungry and you were filled with fear of finding
your formless nameless selves within our yellowed hollow eyes
We came to you with open groans resonate
We came to you with blank and quiet sighs

The open empty space to fill; the blank syntax
to offer words like love and charity and life
For we came with opportunity and you declined

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