04 June 2019

Postcard 168

 Cut up Poetry/Dialogue from article on Anchor-Outs of Sausalito

'When you are talking about the anchor-outs,
you are talking about homeless people,' he said,
'people who live under a bridge in LA.'
I asked him what his point was,
and he shrugged and leaned away.

He spoke again about God:
'God was a great character lived down here.
Cuban guy. Said he was God.
He threw his harp and teeth out the window.'

'Every one tells you how bad it is out there
how you don't have a bathroom.
They don't let you enjoy it.
Everyone is so hung up on toilets.
You gotta show people there's another place
in the world other than where they live.'

'It was a great nickname place down here:
Thunderpussy, Sick Rick, Slick Rick,
Normal Norman, Abnormal Norman,
Nearly Normal Norman. The only way
you found out a guys real name
was after he croaked.'

'God tried to get his name changed legally.
He wanted to sign checks as 'God'
the judge wouldn't let him do it
But he let him do 'Ubiquitous God'.'

Its pretty funny. I can also
fake cry, stick my fist in my mouth,
and I once won a staring contest
with an iguana.

'He made Joe Gould
look like a fucking Girl Scout.
One day, he walked down the dock
with a machete, cutting boat lines.
Last thing I heard about him
he stole a police car.'

'I got here,' he said, 'and I said,
I don't want to do anything again
for the rest of my life.
The people onshore hear everything.'

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