25 November 2018

Postcard 147

Not in you but of you. Breath communes
The sun yearns red
Great storms batter the eastern seaboard
The west burns earnestly toward sun setting end
We are not unfamiliar with his desires
Each day some burning man at his own red meridian
loads up and shines down bullets, pitiless
Down and down, we are groomed for this
A pitiful man holds downward his gun
The sun seeks red; the pitiful man seeks gray
The sky moans with ash and haze

Not in you but of you. Breath communes
We have been groomed for this
It is pitiless how long and how
the child seeks love from her tormentor
Lead hot sun and crouch behind
Mask on because breath communes
Active shooter drills, the sun's own red desire
is a gray earth, a charnel house
And who loves color like a child?
But unburned waters rise, subsume
Where is color loving child?
Where is gray man
Where is rapacious sunlight?

Not in you but of you. Breath communes
alas, submerged
But all colors start in lightless deep
From spark, from movement,
from vivacious seek

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