03 October 2018

Postcard 142

She comes to a cityscape.
The world cannot help but change.
Everyone and everything pushes out.
The city has burst unfilled,
a hollowscape.

This was a city of change.
Never the same stream, 
can't go home again, 
look on desolation angel.

Wide avenues lead to center, radiate
Only laterals crowd with argument and debris
No one, nothing meets or challenges her
but the blasted glass
ground beneath her feet

The sentinels are empty and everything 
remains is scurry scurry
Heat is frivolous
spent without movement - tangled

Everything pushes out 
against what it may find
looking out with 
city center empty eyes

She stands at the center that is like a weak star
Broad clear avenues radiate like light
did it explode? did it vaporize?
did it collapse?

She walks upon ashes and looks around 
clear blue. no second sight
The beast has been still-born and yet 
has lurched away, pushing out.

She feels the threat of violence inevitable
That is one thing overcome by another

Push turned inward.
She breaths it finely in

Her hands are metal black
what did she touch?
Somewhere deep, there must be clay and hummus
untouched untrammeled unstreaked

The suicide air lays acid down
from chromium clouds
from quicksilver skies
The earth pushes up its alkali

A shadow flits across her eyes
Then another and another still
Some ancient creatures cloistered up
ooze across the formless sun

The wings push down
push down Away
She pulls up her feet and follows
Every girl in this hostile world
needs walk on, every girl needs a dog

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