11 December 2017


It is good to remember, cause you already know: That thing you want -- it is not real. Sometimes it seems you make a choice, all other choices die and slide away. A useful fiction, like a film -- to plan to feel to understand, but false. There is just this. It is good to remember this, though the closer you get, the more you'll forget.
It is good to remember cause you get caught up: That thing you fear - it is not real. You build it gear it make it move. But it is not here until its here, and when you're in it, its happening. And what, then, is to fear?
It is good to remember what is true and should be clear -- despite appearances, we are not creatures of memory; our memories are not quite real. They are pleasant stories, told retold, some good some bad, watercolors to the present, enriching now. We are creatures of the here. Do not forget, it is good to put hands down and grab in a light ungrasping way.
And it is good to remember though it can be hard, to hold emotions but know their tricks. Emotions have but one deceit -- that they have always been and always will be. But that distorts their value and their loss. Emotions are now like want and have and live and breath

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