07 July 2017

Postcard 95

When I, strong armed, roll up my sleeves, Look out!
The earth, it bulges with my gravity
When I crack my eyes steel blue, beware.
I milk stones for sweetness,  draw rainbow eyes and bent teeth smiles.

Despite yourself, you see my dog, a natural beast on line
Her teeth are cat, her hackles sharp as precipice
Her joy a deathly joy. Look out!

Here come my friend all shaking like liquid stones
They truck in no poor company, My friends
 -- my many knuckled friends --move blood as quick fierce as family

Behind you, are my two sons, unknown as uncut wood
and my daughter -- a Diana-- a revealed mystery
The huntress in the woods, flushing fear like rattle-antlered deer

Kneel. Obsequiate - my wife, flesh bound, is worth but me
She draws more than space, dark night, even she is terrified
When you drown, she will be the sea

Her name is Awe
and mine is Word
When I tug at my sleeves, look out!

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