19 August 2012


I can make a perfect omelet
perfect just for late morning
brunch alone and a cup
of coffee and a newspaper

three fresh eggs set aside
fry some bacon hot,
garlic, onion in the grease
perhaps red bell pepper

chop some greens chop
the bacon too, chop
everything so far in fact
plus three fat slices of cheddar

Now heat a pan more than
you think, less than too much -
olive oil and only just enough
to be too much unsalted butter

lightly scrambled, eggs.
cheese. bacon. garliconionredpepper
greens and give it some space
to let it be is always better

roll it over and note the mess
you have made, its great - just
roll it again then let it sit for a
bit on a plate, a dash of black pepper

take a breath take a dollop
of sour cream and sit down
coffee at right hand fork at left and enjoy
the perfection you've prepared

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